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Sales conditions in the online store


  1. These sales conditions (hereinafter: the conditions) for the online store Parfumes (hereinafter: the online store) shall bevalid for making purchases in the online store Parfumes at www.parfumes.ee. The seller of the goods is Parfumes OÜ (hereinafter: the seller), address: Pae 21, Tallinn 11415, registration code 12142024, e-mail: info@parfumes.ee. The conditions shall apply to the legal relationship between all persons (hereinafter: the client) and the seller, when buying goods through the online store Parfumes.
  2. The seller shall have the right to unilaterally change and supplement the conditions by publishing new conditions on the Internet at www.parfumes.ee. If the client has placed an order before the conditions change takes effect, then the legal relations between the client and the seller shall be governed by the conditions that were in effect at the time of placing the order.
  3. The client, before making a purchase, may save the conditions, print them out and, if necessary, reproduce them; making a purchase in the online store, the customer shall agree with the conditions established.
  4. In addition to the conditions for making purchases in the online store, the legal acts in force in the Republic of Estoniashall be applied.


  1. The client shall select the desired products in the online store and add them to the cart.
  2. The client shall approve the contents of the cart and pay for the goods in the payment environment suggested by the seller. Before paying an invoice, the client shall check that the data shown on the invoice are in accordance with the client's actual wish.
  3. After paying for the goods, the client shall click on the link "Return to the seller".
  4. In relation to the receipt of and payment for an order, the seller shall send an e-mail with a confirmation and an invoice to the client.
  5. The contract of sale between the seller and the client shall come into effect after the purchase money paid by the client has been received on the seller's account in full.


  1. Prices for all goods being sold in the online store shall beindicated in euros.
  2. The client shall pay for the goods an advance payment, consisting of the selling price of the goods and the delivery fee in full.
  3. The goods can be paid for via Internet banks: LHV Bank, SEB Bank and Swedbank.


  1. The goods can be ordered for delivery to the warehouse in Tallinn at the address: Pae 21, to the postal terminalsSmartPOST, Omniva and DPD.
  2. The goods shall be handed over at the warehouse at the address: Pae 21, Tallinn. The goods shall be handed over to the client upon presentation of an identity document (ID-card, passport, driver's license), an invoice sent to the e-mail address or an order number. In the absence of an identity document, the seller may refuse to hand over the goods. The client shall be responsible for ensuring that the order number or a copy of the invoice does not fall into the hands of third parties.
  3. If SmartKULLER was chosen as the delivery method of the goods, then the delivery fee shall be added to the cost of the goods in accordance with the price offer.
  4. Upon receipt of the goods, the client shall undertake to open the package carefully, without damaging the packaging and the product. If the client has damaged the packaging due to negligence, the seller, in case of a return of the goods, shall havethe right to demand compensation for the damage caused. In case the packaging cannot be opened without damaging / tearing it, the client shall not be responsible for the damaged packaging.
  5. In case the client, when receiving the goods, finds that the goods sent to him are wrong or defective, or if the goods arrive to the client in poor condition or in opened packaging, he shall immediately inform the seller about this by email to:info@parfumes.ee.


  1. The seller shall use personal data submitted by the client and data related to the purchases made in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and in the scopenecessary to fulfill the order placed by the client in the online store. The seller shall not transfer the client's personal data to third parties, except to companies offering postal or courier services, in the scope necessary to deliver the goods to the client.
  2. The seller shall not have access to the client's banking data,when the latter pays for the goods through an Internet bank.


  1. The client shall have the right, without giving a reason, to depart from the contract within 14 calendar days after the receipt of the goods (VÕS §-le 56 lg.1). In order to depart from the contract, the client shall submit an application in writing by e-mail to: info@parfumes.ee.
  2. The client, in case of using the right of departure, shallreturn the goods to the seller not later than within 14 calendar days from the date of submission of the application for departurefrom the contract. The goods being returned shall be unused, undamaged and in their original packaging.
  3. The client may exercise the right to depart from the contract, if he has not used or damaged the goods. The direct costs associated with the return of the goods shall be borne by the client.
  4. In case the client has departed from the transaction, the seller shall return the purchase money to the client along withthe delivery fee immediately, but not later than within 14 calendar days after receipt of an application for departure by the seller. Refund shall be made to the same account, from which the purchase was paid for.
  5. In case that the client has intentionally spoiled or negligently damaged the goods, the seller shall have the right to refuse to take the goods back or demand compensation for the damage caused.


  1. The client is advised to file a claim by e-mail to:info@parfumes.ee. The claim shall include the client's name and contact details, the date of the claim, the defect detected in the goods and the essence of the claim, a document confirming the purchase shall also be attached.
  2. The seller shall not be liable for damages arising from data incorrectly provided by the client when placing an order, or for any other consequences, including delay in delivery, if this wasdue to circumstances that the seller could not have influenced.
  3. The seller shall not be liable for damage caused by the use of the goods for other purposes.
  4. The seller shall not be liable to the client for damage caused or delay in delivery of the goods in case that the damage or delay in the delivery of the goods was due to circumstances that the seller could not have influenced or foreseen.
  5. Disputes arising between the seller and the client, the parties shall resolve by negotiation. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the client shall have the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board and to the Consumer Disputes Commission to resolve the dispute extrajudicially or to the Harju County Court.